Up here are some photos of my hobbies, family, and travel.  Below is a listing of some of my articles.

Iceland, 2014


With Jane in Iceland, June 2014

Attempting to climb Mt. Rainier in Washington State, August 2014.


Jane, Whitney and me at Milford Sound, South New Zealand, January 2013


Whitney at age 20.


Near Kiakoura, New Zealand, January 2013

 My 1989 Honda Hawk GT

My 1981 Honda CBX. Whitney was about six years old.My 1998 Honda VFR Interceptor at Whitetop Mountain, Virginia's Highest RoadMy Honda Magna, sold in 1994With Whitney when she was a baby, 1992With friends Mike and Angie Gunther on a motorcycle tour in the Canadian RockiesWhitney from High School, 2005Hugging trees in the Pacific Northwest with Whitney and JaneBeautiful, dreary Scotland

Motorcycle touring, Scotland

Stac Pollaidh summit, Scotland

Czech friends Venda and Andrea with Jane and Whitney, Scotland

Whitney and me at Yosemite, CaliforniaJane and me at the Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland(from left) Me, Whitney, and Jane in the Bernese Oberland, SwitzerlandThe amazing Swiss Alps

Whitney with her new best friend in the Swiss AlpsIn the Idaho Rocky Mountains

Me and WhitneyWhitney and Jane in Glacier Park, MontanaJane, Whitney, and me at the Skellig Michael Islands off IrelandIrish PuffinPrehistoric rock sculpture, Ireland

Beautiful Whitney, age 16, IrelandMotorcycle touring on a borrowed 1981 Honda CBX, IrelandIrish castleWestport, Ireland


Riding the Camino del Muerto - the Road of Death - in Bolivia


Abraham on Collapse

Beautiful Mourning

Being Sentient

Bill Clinton did a Bad Thing

Cars Killing Us

Cycle World Oil


End of Oil Lecture

Evacuation from the River de Nial


Grasshoppers and Cars

Greenberg Suspension

How GM, America Fail

Kaine Transportation Meeting

Labor Day

Mount Rogers

Mr. Bush and New Orleans

New Transportation Future

Parade Rebuttal

Peak Oil Alarmist

Scotland Tour

Stubblefield Rebuttal

Swiss Pedestrian

Test Ride

Trans Options


Walking in the Cold

Whitney Starts Riding

The “W” Legacy