Whitney Starts Riding

When I was just a little baby, dad got his first motorcycle. Dad put me up the seat when he came home from work. I thought it was pretty neat.

As I got older, dad got more motorcycles. When I was six, I started riding them. I loved them so much dad now takes me to school. Some days mom takes me in the car, but most days dad takes me on the motorcycle. I love the motorcycle so much, that some times when it is not a school day, we still go on rides. I love rides, it is so fun!

The more you ride it, the more funner it gets. We have three motorcycles, one white (1983 CX-650 Turbo), one red (1989 Hawk 650-GT), and one gray (1981 CBX). We only ride on the red one and the gray one. I haven't ridden the white one before, because it goes too fast, dad says. He is usually right, so I believe him. If I rode the white one and didn't realize how fast it was and I didn't like it, I'd be in big trouble. So I believe dad, that's easier to do. The gray one is broken. The switch that makes it start is broken, so I can't ride it these days. The red one is just perfect. It is just right for me. It is just right for dad. And it's not broken. You can always use it. The gray one has a back rest and I like it a lot. We're getting a back rest for the red one, too, so I won't have to worry.

Here are some tips for children. Always hold on. Always wear long pants. Always wear a jacket. If you are going to school, put your jacket on first, then tie the straps of your backpack around your stomach. Leave the usual parts on your shoulders. If you have a helmet like mine, loosen the straps, then slide it on over your head and pull the strap tight. Always put your mittens on last.

Dad gets on first. I hold onto his belt, then I get on. Then you are definitely on your way. You have to make sure that you have shoes that won't slip off your feet, because you'll lose your shoes, which is terrible. Once you're on, you say "Ready!" When we go on the highway, dad says "Are you ready?" Then I say "Yes" and off we go.

When we're riding, I look at pretty things going by. One day I saw a deer. He was in a yucky yard, and I hoped he would be in the prettier yard across the street where I could take a picture.

When we get to school, I take off my helmet and take off my backpack. Then I go inside. My friends in school want to try on my helmet. They say "that's cool" about riding. One boy loves to play with my helmet, but I never let him.

The most important thing is to always hold on. If you are a parent, take your kid very slow on his or her first ride, and make sure they are tall enough to reach the pedals and comfortable enough with riding so they really want to ride and won't be scared. If they don't like it, you don't have to take them.

You always have fun, no matter what you do.