Mr. Bush and New Orleans

As an empathic and concerned American citizen, I’m trying to grasp President Bush’s recent speech about the Federal Government’s plans to help with Hurricane Katrina’s reconstruction.

As I understand it, the Federal Government will provide the money needed to rebuild. I didn’t hear anything about restoring Delta wetlands or forests which would have diminished Katrina’s impact on New Orleans, nor did I hear anything about enforcing lax environmental laws that would have prevented the flood from becoming so toxic. I didn’t hear much of anything about preventing another storm from doing so much damage. As far as I know, hurricanes aren’t on a quota system: just because there was a bad one this year doesn’t mean there won’t be another soon.

Great news: I also understand that our strapped federal budget will absorb this additional hit without any new taxes. Instead, to find half the money we need, we’ll simply cut “wasteful” but unnamed agency funding. FEMA? EPA? For the other half, our President will take his “family values” agenda to the next level by further burdening our progeny.

I’m just making sure I understand.