Orange, VA

A novel of political intrigue

When Marjorie Taliaferro’s beloved twin sister Sally Taliaferro Bradley is stricken with breast cancer, it’s tragic enough. But when the governorship of the Commonwealth of Virginia, a position she rightfully deserves, is stripped from her during her infirmity, it is an action that cannot stand. Marjorie and her life partner Anne Randolph, along with a cadre of supporters, lay forth plans to recapture Sally’s stature and along with it a measure of fair governance to the state.

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This book kept me engaged from the beginning sentence with a nice interweaving of crisis, human relations and political intrigue. I was moving right along and enjoying the well-paced story, then WHOA, something happens, something so way out there that my brain was about to rebel. I was reeling through time! Then, just like that, the impossible became possible thanks to a clever twist, and I was staring into one of the most innovative resolutions I've come across in a long, long time! Love this book and am still thinking about some of the scenes!  Peggy Kelly



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Orange, VA - fiction

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