Harmonic Highways: Exploring Virginia's Crooked Road


IN 2004 THE VIRGINIA STATE LEGISLATURE issued a proclamation declaring a series of roads throughout the southwestern part of the state to be the Virginia Heritage Music Trail, to showcase the traditional Appalachian music whose roots permeated the culture. They nicknamed it The Crooked Road.

The music had been there since the arrival of the first European and African immigrants, but the initiative gave it a geographic focus. The Crooked Road has since become one of the nation’s most successful tourism initiatives, with visitors from around the world.
It took no legislative action to draw motorcyclists to The Crooked Road; we motorcyclists love curves.
In Harmonic Highways, I take you on a rollicking, exuberant journey as I ride Mae, my classic 1981 Honda CBX, through the spiritual heart and soul of Appalachia, in search of musicians, luthiers, promoters, artists, athletes, coal miners, and playwrights. I tell my jouney with passion, poignancy, and humor. I hope to delight you and every adventurer, whether on two wheels, four wheels, or a living room recliner.


Harmonic Highways - non-fiction

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