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My new book, Keepers of the Tradition, is now in its second printing! This is a compilation of portraits of contemporary Appalachian people doing things grandma and grandpa used to do. The book's website is HERE.

It is a collaboration with artist Leslie Roberts Gregg who has painted 12 amazing portraits. It was released at a grand gala on April 26, 2015, with 10 of the 12 people in attendance, along with 435 others. Please see my events page for details on upcoming events.

Leslie and I had a great time together calling on and profiling luthiers, country preachers, midwives, herbalists, quilters, and woodworkers. She took this great photo of me while we were visiting the woodworker.

Based in Blacksburg, Virginia, I explore and write about our wonderful region of the central Appalachians. I love to ride bicycles, ride motorcycles, and hike. I've been known to make stained glass panels, watch birds, explore caves, cross-country ski, and fly kites. I love to travel (Who doesn't?) and have been to 43 states and 15 foreign countries.

I am principal with my wife in a small publishing company called Pocahontas Press where we edit, typeset, and market works of local authors.



My first book is The Spine of the Virginias, (non-fiction) a look at the people, places, history and culture along the border of Virginia and West Virginia.

My second book is Union, WV, (fiction) about healing and redemption in a small West Virginia town.

My third book is Harmonic Highways, Exploring Virginia's Crooked Road, (non-fiction) a journey featuring the music, arts, sports, and people of Virginia's Heritage Music Trail.

My fourth book is Providence, VA, (fiction) about a national calamity from the view of a young woman trapped by circumstances in a tiny Southwest Virginia community.

My fifth book is War, WV, (fiction) about the quest for justice following a catastrophe in a forsaken West Virginia coal community.

My sixth book is Orange, VA, (fiction) a story of political intrigue set in central Virginia.

My seventh book is Keepers of the Tradition, (non-fiction) a compilation of stories and portraits of contemporary Appalachians, a collaboration with artist Leslie Roberts Gregg.


I also write regularly for The News Messenger, and have written for Roanoke Business magazine, Valley Business FRONT, Motorcycle Cruiser magazine, and Greenbrier Quarterly magazine.

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I am running for the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors, the governing board of my county. Please see my campaign website, here.

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