Feedback from readers of my books.

Here's a compilation of reader reviews and comments.


* Nancy in Tennessee about "Harmonic Highways" (with her order for another copy)

My husband recieved your book as a Christmas gift from my sister (who lives in Waverly, Virginia). He is an avid motorcycle rider and she thought he would enjoy it. Little did he know what a delight this book truly is. He is now planning a motorcycle trip based on your book. He has also recommended it to others. This copy is to go to our Pastor. Our pastor and his three sons enjoy music and play several instruments. This book is indeed a blessed reading.


* Chris in Princeton, WV about "The Spine of the Virginias"

I purchased a couple of your books, "The Spine of the Virginias" and "Union, WV", after you spoke to the Wytheville Rotary Club. Usually, 
our Rotary speakers go on way too long, but you didn't have nearly enough time for your program. I hope you'll come back to our club
in the near future. I just finished "The Spine of the Virginias" and it was great! West Virginia and its citizens are rarely treated with respect by Virginians,
so your book was a rare treat. In addition, I thought "The Spine of the Virginias" was very well-written. I'm looking forward to reading Union, WV in the near future.

* Eric in Alexandria, VA, about "Harmonic Highways"

I love the book! The folksy sensibilities of the people you met were captured well. Reading about your travels gives me wonderlust, so I'll likely be dropping in on a few places you wrote about at the next opportunity. I'm signing up for a motorcycle liscense class right now!


* Karen in Rocky Mount, Virginia about "Union, WV"

Michael, I just wanted to tell you that I am still reading Union, WV.
A friend of mine wanted me to give you a message. I told her what you told me, "It's rated "R"!" She said, "No way!" I told her, "Yes! Read the first page." She told me to tell you that she had a hot flash just reading the first page. She is from West Virginia and was interested based on the name.
I am into them middle of the story and it is great. You are a great story teller.


* Chris in Virginia Beach, about "Harmonic Highways" and "The Spine of the Virginias"

(You) always present the characters in such a way that "paints a picture" of the area. I can just imagine these folks in the bucolic scenery and their fun personalities. I really appreciate your writing!

You have a great talent that I've been lucky enough to enjoy. Like you, I love the mountains of Virginia, the people and the local music.

I must admit a slight jealousy of your proximity to some of the best bluegrass/old-time sites in the nation. 
One of your books will be heading to Ohio for Christmas. Our friend came to visit, picked up Harmonic Highways from the coffee table and got through about 3 chapters. As a cyclist and musician, he was drawn into it completely. You can count on me to spread the word about your books
Thank you again for the enjoyable reading.
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