Weekly Journal

Here's a compilation of everyday thoughts and articles I've written. Many have been published as part of my recurring columns in the News Messenger, the twice-weekly paper in Montgomery County, Virginia.


* * Visit to Sweet Springs

Hello All,

I stopped by Sweet Springs the other weekend where Warren Smith is rehabilitating the grand old resort there.  A small crowd had gathered to speak with Warren about his plans.  Being the gregarious sort that I am, I jumped right in and told everyone about the book.  I got this nice note a few days later from a woman in the group, who I think was from Richmond.

Michael, we all enjoyed meeting you over at Sweet Springs last Saturday and were delighted to hear your ideas for a new book. We thought it was fun how you rode up on your bike out of the blue and joined our group --- all cousins for a family reunion in Paint Bank. All the best with your creative projects, Mary Kay Williams

Mary Kay is now on my mailing list to receive notice when the book goes to press.  If you'd like to be on the list, write me at <bikemike@nrvunwired.net>

All the best,




* * Welcome to my new website!

Hello all,

This is my new website for my book, The Spine of the Virginias.  I'm just learning how to program it, but my intention is to fill it with photos, sample chapters, and ordering information.  Please visit often.


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